Impossible is just an opinion, every limit can be overcome. Umberto Pelizzari and Y-40®: the king of the abyss and the world's deepest thermal pool. The meeting of two Italian pioneers to show the will to go beyond that has always been the soul of Steelco.

Customization, Innovation, Excellence

The soul of Steelco

Founded in 2001, Steelco is today one of the world leaders in the design and production of advanced systems for washing, disinfection and sterilization in the medical, scientific and pharmaceutical fields.

In its DNA is the desire to set new goals, working with dedication, method and passion, to achieve increasingly ambitious targets.

One meter further down


A record is neither a number nor a medal.

Umberto Pelizzari, the man of challenges, the world champion freediver who has overcome previously thought impossible goals, knows this well.

Similarly, Steelco’s teams regularly go further, finding new solutions to complex requirements with out of the box thinking, expertise, dedication, passion and determination.

In the heart of the abyss

Y-40Deep Joy

With its 42 m deep pool, Y-40® represents a great engineering achievement and all-Italian excellence. But above all, it is the ultimate challenge for those who dive into its waters, to go beyond the limit and bring light into the abyss.

Challenge accepted

Steelco's challenge

In Steelco, every complex new project is a challenge to overcome, a path made of dedication, expertise, passion and teamwork. Every day we improve ourselves and our work in order to go further and meet the most complex needs with excellent customer-driven solutions. Follow our 2021 challenges!

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